Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit from Gabriela Aylen and her mother

No running feet traveling from the kitchen to the den, looking for the next best thing to climb or to taste.  (Everything goes into her mouth!)  No goat sounds,( when she is fussy she sounds like a little bleating goat).  No hugs for Nana or toys to step over, or gate blocking the stairway.  No tugs on Papa's hand to go look at the chickens.  Aunt Cate can play the piano without little hands banging the wrong notes.  Aunt Nan won't have to swing with her out in the yard.  Gigi is once again safe and can relax (Ela got great enjoyment from paying too much attention to my little Yorkie).

All is clean and quiet.  But what's the point? I miss my little granddaughter (and her mother).  I want them to come back, very soon.

She looks very innocent, but she has just emptied my kitchen cabinet onto the floor.
Cute isn't she?

She has found something that is not a toy.

Nor is it food...

Ela loved being outside.

She was particularly fond of Romeo.

Her first snow!!

Two days before the snow, hiking at Chinqua Penn