Sunday, August 19, 2012

The River

A favorite part of my summer spent at Aylen Lake is our trips to the river that runs into the lake.  My Canadian friend, Leslie, first took me to the river a few years ago.  We look forward to exploring its beauty every year.

We always take our dogs.  Clyde, our Australian Shepherd, and Max, Leslie's  black Lab and Aussie mix, love to run through the water.  Gigi, (the brown speck on the road in the pic) my Yorkie loves to go, but does not like to swim, so she walks in the shallow parts and I carry her through the rest:) 

Gigi and me.
Leslie, Nan and I were amazed at how low the water was this year.  This area had been in a drought.
Still the flowers were lovely.

Red Cardinal flowers grow along the river bank.

A purple beauty.

Nan and Clyde.

Ancient trees.

Cate taking a break.
Crayfish also resting in the crystal clear water.  But not near Cate!

There are no poisonous snakes in Canada, thank goodness!  Again the water is so clear that we could get a good picture of it while under the water.

Until next year...

First day of school

The big day is tomorrow, the first day of school.  
This is Cate's senior year and Nan is close behind as a junior.  
Maybe that is part of my dread at starting our school this year,  knowing it is about to come to a close in just two short years.  Also I know a part of me is mourning the easy carefree days of summertime.  I love having no set schedule, to do just what I please.  But whatever my  reasons, we will begin and they are excited, which is a blessing.  Am I completely prepared?  No but I have found that we will spend the first week or two reviewing the old  and previewing our new books.  So ready or not  here we go!

My lovely and wonderful students.