Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A long distance relationship

Living six hours away from my daughter and her husband was already hard enough.  But add two darling granddaughters to the equation and I cannot not tell you how my heart aches to be near them, not to mention my arms that want to hold and touch them.  Knowing that the Hull family is where God wants them,  gives me peace of mind.  Our intention is to visit once a month, but we don't always make it, due to varying, busy schedules.  So what does a grandma do?  Facetime.  I love it.  It isn't the same at all, but I do get a glimpse into their home and a good look at the little faces and bodies that are growing and changing. I can hear my toddler's voice and the cooing of the little one. All as I hold my phone.  And I do get kisses, albeit long distance.  For that I am thankful.