My Etsy Shop

 Peony Expressions, Vintage Collection

My hobby and love for vintage turned into a business for me.  I began Peony Expressions in 2011 and it's been quite a journey. You can view my Etsy shop here.  I simply ran out of room for the beautiful and cool items I found and bought at auctions, yard sales and estate sales.

 I've learned so much about vintage items and about selling, what sells, photography, pricing and shipping--just to name a few.  But I love Etsy and love selling my wonderful finds in my shop.  Check it out !! here

I've also started a Peony blog for my Etsy shop and I hope to get better at writing on it too.  You can view it here .

I guess you can tell that the peony is my favorite flower.  I have a couple of the bushes from my husband's grandmother's yard in Virginia.  They are the showy, big , white and fragrant ones!  I can't wait for them to bloom. I've added more to my collection over the years.  The only problem with peonies is that their blooming season is too short.  That's one reason I named my shop after them, to keep the memory of their beauty in my mind year round.