Why the name Gracious Gourmand? Well, Nancy is my name which means full of grace and a gourmand is a lover of good food. I do love good food, but mostly food that is good for me! Also Claire, my daughter, lived in Paris for a year and she gave me the French influence as well. So we put them together and came up with the name.
Primarily I am writing this for  my daughters, whatever their stage in life may be.  We can't see each other daily anymore.  I love having five daughters and forever friends.

 Lauren is married and lives in Atlanta, Ga .Jered became our first son and is a chiropractor with his own practice.  On  November 3rd, 2010 our first grandchild was born.  Gabriela Aylen Hull entered in my life and heart.   They had another precious daughter on November 13, 2012. Piper Virginia joined the Hull family and once again my life and heart.  Claire graduated from UNCG in December '10.  Witt, her husband, became our  second son on May 29th, 2010.    They live in Whitsett, only a short hour from us. We love seeing them often!! Mary Lowell was married in May of 2013 and she and Andrew the very next day moved to Puerto Rico for three years.  Wow!   Cate graduated from high school that same May and is now in college studying photojournalism.  That just leaves Nan at home, which I love! But she will graduate from high school May 2014 and will be off to college in the fall.  All my girls are grown up and gone....The big question that I am asked nowadays is--WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Don't worry about me I am content to run my Etsy shops, work part time and attend my Bible Study.  Plus I have lots of traveling to do to keep up with my scattered family!

So life looks very different today than it did just a few years ago.  Hopefully we can stay in touch through this site. But I invite anyone interested in family, food and fun to join us!

 I want to live one day at a time, not fearing the future or yearning for the past.  I am constantly changing and growing, learning not to be afraid to grow old, but  to embrace the challenges ahead of me. I am not content to live in the past , but desire to create new memories each day that I live.  I am thankful to Jesus Christ for making this possible.

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