Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm so happy for my daughter, Lauren, whose last day at work was December 30th, 2011.  She is now a stay-at-home mom with her precious Gabriela.  Is that a demotion?  Maybe to some, but Lauren and I agree that there is no better place for a mom to be, than at home with her own children.  I can tell her that she will find her life at home rewarding, busy, tiring and at times frustrating, but then she would tell me that she found all of those in the work place as well. 

 There is nothing like a little child to challenge your patience and sanity!  Yet looking back on my own years of mothering little ones, I wouldn't trade my place in their history for any prestigious, glamorous  or high paying job.  My job required my all, as it was, and but the rewards are still being reaped.  

Here's to you, Lauren, and may 2012 be a remarkable year for you, Jered and Ela! 


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  2. I love this post, and this is one of my favorites of Ela!