Monday, September 12, 2011

Acorn Tree

At my house we all love September.  It is a month of winding down from the hot, unscheduled days of summer into the exciting new schedule that lies ahead. 

 My daughter Nan especially loves this month, one reason being that it is her birthday month.  She, like me, loves the change in weather and in nature.  We live close to a lake and woods.  Lots of acorns fall from the trees and are so cute with their funny little caps on their round little bodies.  This year Nan and I collected a few for a project that she wanted to create. 

She painted a few of the acorns a nice shade of blue.

I love the blue acorns.


                                Then she tied twine to the caps of the acorns.

                       I found a pretty red pitcher and my handmade pottery bowl.   


                     I filled it with  more acorns, while Nan went in search of the
   perfect tree branch. 


  The finished project.



  1. Such a fun and beautiful way to bring nature inside. Great idea!