Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nobody here but us chickens...

The chicken coop is finished and it is a masterpiece, built by a master craftsman, my hubbie.  I thought we'd have a simple affair but this is the Ritz of coops.  That done, we found a chicken farmer in Stokesdale and made the short trip to his place.  We got to pick out our chickens from among the 350 that he raises and sells.  He did inform us right away that he had some chickens that we could not afford, in the 70.00 range and up.  Needless to say we agreed.  We settled on two Rhode Island Reds and Farmer Mike tried to give us a free rooster, but we said we thought our neighbors might complain if he awoke them before their alarm clocks.

Here are pictures of the chicken coop in progress.

We placed it in our fenced in garden for obvious reasons but also so we can let the chickens out when we are up there working.

Bedding for their sleeping quarters.  Behind me is their nesting area and all I have to do is lift the flap and gather the eggs.

Gigi gets very excited about seeing the chickens but doesn't disturb them when they are walking around the garden. Not sure if she is jealous of the attention they get and the food, or she is just curious.

Meet our girls, Astrud and Adele.  They are 6 months old and in about 4 weeks or so we will have fresh eggs.

PS. " Nobody here but us Chickens" was a popular song from the 40's and it really is cute.  this is the '56 remake.


  1. I like the chick in the 4th picture

  2. Haha dad.

    I love the coop, it's like a chicken mansion. Dad could go into business. I can't wait for fresh eggs!!

  3. This is so cool! Our neighbor has given us some of her chicken eggs and they are really wonderful. I'm happy for you.