Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.  Psalm 63:5

This verse has become my mantra lately.  This is day three of my detox and of just plain eating good food.  When I say good, I mean good for you, and it does help that it also tastes good.  I am following  a yeast-free, grain -free eating program for 30 days.  The purpose is to get rid of yeast, eliminate foods that contain or nourish yeast, and to repopulate my gastrointestinal tract with friendly bacteria. Why do I need to do that?  I'm not sure really, except that I've been praying for God to show how to eat  and to restore my body to it's youthful ache free ways, to restart my metabolism.  I wish I could say I did it in the first place for spiritual reasons, yet it has become more and more of that.

Back in February,  I  prayed about what God wanted me to surrender during this Lenten season that was coming up.  Not getting a clear answer or maybe I wasn't listening well, I gave up my great love, chocolate.  I felt that was hard, a real sacrifice, because I really did (and still do) crave it.  Lent began on February 22 and I still would love a bite of dark chocolate--right now!  But later in the month I felt God speaking to me about more, giving up more.  When I found this eating plan in one of my health books, I knew this was it.

My food is simple.  I eat organic vegetables, beans, eggs, and if I want it organic meat.  So much of the way I used to cook for Nan when she had all her many food sensitivities, but she couldn't even have eggs back then.

As I have gone through these past three days I can see how I have depended on food to fulfill a part of me, a place that would bring me joy, by sipping a glass of Petite Syrah with a nice piece of chocolate.  I could go into the kitchen and indulge in any treat I wanted, a homemade granola bar, a smoothie, whatever.  But not any more.

Right now I am not eating rice, potatoes, milk , any dairy, any baked goods-- GF or not,  corn, any alcohol or any type of sugar, ie honey, maple syrup, etc.

The good news is I can have lots of vegetables, salads, dried beans, eggs, oatmeal, avocados, nuts and nut butters , olive oil, coffee and tea.  In two weeks I will add fruit and butter.  I already like all of those foods, but I like a lot of others too.  That's the catch.

God has shown me that he is the one who will satisfy every longing and that I can sing to him while I fix my dinner and my girls dinner who are not on the plan.  But, my sweet Hart is on this journey with me.  He and I will sing together.

Here is a recipe that I made on Monday.  I noticed that I have three bags of split green peas in my pantry.  I do love split pea soup so I found this vegetarian one and it was really quite delicious.

Two cups of pretty green peas

Cooking the peas in my big red pot

Removing a large cupful of the cooked, but still slightly firm peas.

Pureed peas, my handy hand held mixer.

A satisfying bowl of split pea soup.

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Very, very good.

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  1. Wow, I am really looking forward to hearing what kibd of difference this makes for you. Food makes such a difference in our whole make up. You are so inspiring!