Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nana time

 I drove down to Atlanta to see these precious girls and their parents.  Nan and I babysat sweet Piper and her equally sweet and adorable sister Gabriela while Lauren filled in at the office.  Jered's secretary went on vacation, so Lauren took over her job and I got to do Lauren's job.  Or at least I played at it!  

The weather was warm enough for us to spend a lot of time in their backyard.  The girls love to run and chase each other.
This is Nan and Ela's creation.  A purple snowman?

 Ela would get in bed with me in the morning and we'd read a few books before everyone else got up.

 We read lots of books, went for walks, cooked dinner, washed clothes and played games.  And the girls were "good as gold". 
All smiles as we celebrate her daddy's birthday!  Happy birthday, Jered!

He had an assortment of delicious dessert choices.

I'm looking forward to seeing these huggable girls very soon as they are coming up for a visit in April!!

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