Sunday, March 9, 2014

from paradise to arctic...

All my life through, the new sights of Nature
 made me rejoice like a child. 
Marie Curie

A  glimpse into my visit with Mary and Andrew in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My first sight of the Caribbean was one of awe..  Honestly it is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen.  Blue ocean with aqua waves, white sand.  The ocean was cool at first but soon felt warm and soft on my skin.  And the ocean is quiet because the waves break far off in the distance.  We did see some surfing.

Just a thirty minute drive and we were on the winding roads of the mountains and jungle. Our destinations was El Yunque National Forest, (it is the only rain forest in the US National Forest System) Here we hiked through the rain forest, heard the sound of the Coqui, the little tree frog and strange bird calls.  Climbing up was laborious because of the altitude.  We climbed stone towers to see views like this. Afterwards we stopped at a roadside stand and bought whole coconuts that the tops have been lopped off and with a straw we drank the cold coconut water. Refreshing.

Old San Juan has a majestic beauty because of its cobblestone roads, old buildings and harbor.  This picture was taken from one of the forts that used to guard the city from invaders, built in 1535.   The old and new are mingled together. 

Colorful street in Old San Juan.  My eyes feasted on all the color, flowers and green trees.

Dorado is a small town on the northern coast of Puerto Rico and about 15 miles from San Juan. The beach here was just a lovely. Many wealthy people have lived here.
I'm standing by a fern covered wall in the Fort in Old San Juan.  What a joy to wear sandals!

We went snorkeling here.  Mary and I saw a baby sea turtle, fish with bright yellow fins, and one very large spotted fish with whiskers.  The water is very clear and not as salty as our east coast ocean.

What a treat to escape the cold of NC and bask in the warmth of Puerto Rico.  The best thing was spending time with Mary and Andrew.  Their apartment is very nice and even though it's not air conditioned, the many fans and open windows kept it cool.  Hart and I got to see the island from a residents point of view, bypassing many of the touristy attractions.  One day in Old San Juan there were four cruise ships in harbor and boy was Old San Juan crowded. We ate at local hangouts, experiencing pinchos (chicken on a stick), monfongo (mashed plantain, seasonings and different fillings ), tostones (fried plantains),  and much more. It was the perfect month to visit as it didn't rain once and the temperature stayed about 84 degrees with a nice breeze blowing.  Thank you Mary and Andrew for a lovely visit!!


This is what we came home to!  Fortunately we did have power, (but no water) and our kind neighbor had cleared our driveway for us.  Spring can't get to NC soon enough for me.  I've been thoroughly spoiled!

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  1. So GORGEOUS!! love all the pics :) :) Finally able to comment on your blog!