Monday, February 24, 2014

Escaping winter...

As I sit in my kitchen sipping the last drops of my hot chocolate, I think, soon  I will no longer be cold. What a thought and treat!! Hart and I are heading to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico to be exact. How blessed we are to have Mary and Andrew living there. I will be able to give them big hugs and see their apartment  for the first time. While the men work during the day, Mary and I will visit the market, tour some of her favorite places and just  sit on the beach. How blissful! Ten special days set apart for this trip , I can't wait!! I've always said wherever God leads my children I will come and visit. Of course if I had MY way , they'd all live next door, but not my way but God's. So Puerto Rico, Mary and Andrew, here I come!!


  1. Y'all look wonderful in that picture and I know y'all will have an amazing trip! I will miss you both though! :)

  2. Praying for you. I think it is wonderful you are able to slip away to spend time with them. Give them a our hellos and blessings.