Monday, January 3, 2011

My achy breaky heart: Ela goes home

Gigi, my yorkie, had my lap all to herself tonight, for Ela went home today.  Nana enjoyed every minute she had with her, her mom and dad.  How wonderful to spend two and a half weeks together, enjoying one another's company throughout the Christmas season.
  Ela grew while she was with us.  She came wearing 3 month old clothes and by the time she left, some were already too small (she has those darling rolls of fat on her thighs and a double chin, something I, as a woman, do not cherish on me).  What a good natured baby she is too!  Smiling and cooing at whoever will pay her attention and she did not lack for takers.  In fact most of the time I heard, "Let me hold Ela. I haven't held her lately".
 Lauren is such a caring and loving mommy, ready to meet any of her needs or to just cherish the moments she has to hold her little girl.  Gabriela is blessed to have an attentive daddy.  He is always there to lend a helping hand and to cuddle his baby girl as well.
The house is much quieter and much straighter, no baby blankets on the couch, pacifers waiting to be washed by the sink or baby swing in the kitchen.  No extra dogs running around, barking at every sound, no one to stay up late with, talking late into the night while waiting for the last nursing.  Papa even gets his big arm chair back (Lauren found it to be the perfect nursing chair).  All is back to normal and we miss all the above.  Yet it is good and right, everything and everyone in their proper place.  My heart will soon get back to normal too.

                 Sunday afternoon at Nana's

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