Tuesday, February 1, 2011

50 today

It happened.  I turned fifty today.  My mind cannot comprehend my age.  This has been a difficult milestone for me.  Tears have crowded my eyes today and a heaviness has surrounded me at times. I've talked to God about it, making an effort to praise him for my life and all that is ahead.
And I have been encouraged by all the phone calls and  messages on  Facebook.  At work today my friend Jennifer made me a plate full of gluten free cookies. My loving husband and daughters took me out for Mexican and gave me Mastering the Art of French Cooking.   As I looked over my pictures on Facebook I saw  that  my life has been filled with wonderful family, friends and adventures.  It has been a life of joy.  My latest adventure was just this pass weekend when my sisters and I took a road trip to Clearwater, Florida where we walked on the beach, talked non-stop, ate great food and wine, went sailing and kayaking!  What a fantastic way to celebrate becoming fifty.
 So, (I am taking a deep breath) I am excited about tomorrow and being 50 plus one day.  Life is good.  I think I will love being any age as long as I can celebrate living. Oh,  I talked to my middle daughter tonight and she said a person isn't old until they are seventy.  That's good to know.  I have 20 years to prepare for that one!


  1. Love youuu and your life. I'm excited you got Mastering the Art, I think one day this year our goal should be to cook something crazy from her book like meat jello! :)

  2. What about Ris de Veau et Cervelles? (Sweetbreads-which is the thymus gland of a calf, and Brains) I don't think we'd have anyone left with an appetite once they knew what they were eating!!
    The French eat very differently than we do. Although, Cate did make me some gluten-free crepes for my birthday breakfast--stuffed with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate! Now I liked that!