Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miracle Mixer

Last May 29th my daughter, Claire married a wonderful man, Witt Davis.  We love having another son in the family.  So about this time last year my life was full of wedding plans.  It was a lot of fun, but a great deal of work and it's nice to be able to reflect upon it all this spring.
I remembering being so excited when I found Claire the "perfect" shower gift.  But I really cannot take the credit for this find, God led me there.
Hart and I have a lunch date every Friday that we are free.  We normally go to our local Chinese restaurant.  They serve a delicious hibachi shrimp dish, my favorite.  But this was a Tuesday and I must have just gotten back from running a lot of errands, because I talked Hart into taking me to lunch that day.  As we were eating, we talked  about the shower coming up and how I wanted to get Claire something really special.  Hart , knowing what I'd really like to get her , said he wished we could afford a Kitchen Aid Mixer, but the cheapest are around $200.00  to $300.00....  When you are paying for a wedding, you count every penny and an extravagant shower gift was not in the budget.  Yet, I knew,  a Kitchen Aid Mixer would have been perfect.  You see Claire is the one who loved to cook of all of our girls.  And Hart says, even now, he can tell when Claire is home, because the mixer is running!  She was accepted into culinary school in Paris, but for various reasons, did not go.  Oh, much for my dreams, I thought.
After we eat on Fridays we usually go by Goodwill for Hart likes to look for first edition books.  I usually browse the housewares.  So as I was walking through the appliances on this particular Tuesday I noticed a dirty, large mixer on the bottom shelf.  I bent down and lugged it onto the floor, frantically motioning for Hart to come over.  It was a Kitchen Aid Mixer!
I found an electrical outlet and we plugged it in, it worked!  All three beaters were there.  The bowl was in perfect shape.  And did I mention the color was almond.  That's the unusual color that Claire had chosen in her Bridal Registry.  The only problem I could see was that it had some grease on it.  Best part?  It was only $25.00.
We were so excited and couldn't wait to get home to clean it up.  And it came clean beautifully, not a scratch on it anywhere.  In fact if I had had the original box there is no way anyone would have known it was not new.  Amazing?  Yes, because I have an amazing God.  It reminds me of  Psalm 37:4,  "Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart". I told the story of the mixer at the shower and the women had tears in their eyes.  We call it the Miracle Mixer.
I still browse the appliance section on Fridays, but I've never seen another Kitchen Aid Mixer.  God surely works in mysterious ways.

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  1. I love this story. It was such a miracle, especially that it was the color that I had picked!!! I'm thankful for your true faith :)