Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two chicks and a fella

Well, we expanded our chicken family. Our intention was to buy two more hens, younger in age than our Rhode Island Reds.  Early Saturday Hart, Nan and I made our way to Tractor Supply in Eden where the farmers of the area bring their small livestock to sell.  Cages of chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats were situated in the parking lot.  We went from pick-up truck to pick-up truck seeking the best additions for our small chicken venture.  The gentleman in his overalls declared to us that his Blue Cochins were just what we needed to make our coop complete.  And they were adorable, with soft bluish feathers and cute little feathers around their feet.  We agreed to buy his last two.  Yet in the cage with these ladies was a rooster, quite a beautiful guy and the old farmer talked us into getting him too.  So we will see if there is a place in the hearts of our neighbors for a early morning alarm clock--maybe not so much on Saturdays and Sundays.  Our rooster, has not crowed yet, he is still young.  Although he is quite happy to follow Adele and Astrud around, and forget all about his own girls.  Traitor!
Adele and Astrud happily eating in their lovely home.

Bea and Patsy scratching for bugs.  Blue Cochins are very friendly and I can even pet them. Their feathers are so soft. Their eggs will be
medium size.

I hope that Clark is a good boy and doesn't disturb our good neighbors.

Adele and Astrud look upon Bea and Patsy as intruders.
I hope that changes soon.


  1. I love their names!! And they all look very happy In their new home together.

  2. Can't wait to hear how Clark does, and can't wait to taste their eggs! I know I am presuming, but after all we did get some of the first honey.

  3. So cool Nancy! I love that you have chickens... now we will have to visit you so Nathan can see the coop that Hart built and we can get the scoop on chickens from you!! : ) I've just needed someone I know to have chickens so they can tell me just what it entails... : )

  4. Rachel, I'd love for you and your family to visit. It's been fun having chickens and I can give you all the details:)